For more design and construction ideas visit us at
For more design and construction ideas visit us at
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"Everyday Essentials for Everyday Luxury" 

Kelly Van Halen began her career over 20 years ago building and renovating residential properties. Her expertise was in identifying and transforming their untapped potential, resulting in homes that are beautifully designed, meticulously crafted, and with an attention to detail that stands the test of time. 

 With her ability to create distinctive homes, Kelly's work was increasingly sought after, resulting in her launch of a staging company. Realtors and homeowners employed her services to maximize the resale potential of their properties by having Kelly consult to coordinate design elements and finishes throughout.

The staging business and expansive client base that ensued evolved into establishing what is known today as KellyBaron: a residential construction company co-founded by Kelly Van Halen and Baron Rogers, specializing in design, renovations, and development. KellyBaron offers clients all of the services and expertise that both Kelly and Baron have amassed through years of experience in the field.

Kelly's evolution continues by focusing on interior design, as well as co-branding and private labels with such entities as the Wynn hotel, corporate gifting, and luxury travel accessories for private jet companies. Kelly is also regarded as the "go-to" amongst interior designers for in-stock or one-of-a-kind custom accessories. Kelly’s fresh approach to each new endeavor inform her role as a designer who guides and collaborates with her clients to create residences and products that are both distinctive and inviting.

 KVH by Kelly Van Halen combine's Kelly's extensive interior design expertise with her love of beauty inherent in the details of everyday life to inform her creation of a luxury home goods collection that offers "Everyday Essentials for Everyday Luxury".